Have you Been worried lately about the economy, your life and what direction it may be going???  If so, you are in the right place.  As a young male, looking for work in this economy is tough and sometimes depressing and overwhelming... but have no fear!  what always makes a dull day better?

If you are thinking food and beer, look no further for a great way to start, spend or end the day.  A little food, family and fun always makes man happy!

We have developed a unique way to share our favorite recipes with you.  If you are a breakfast lover, a football fanatic, Addicted to spice, or a glutton for some sweets, we have something special for you!  visit us for regular broadcasts of our show, our blog, email us your ideas & comments, Friend us on Facebook, and start cooking!

Welcome to our cooking site!

Name: Jambalaya james

Age: 28

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Occupation: engineer & gourmet cook

favorite hero: Julia childs

Favorite anti-hero: Dairy... Moooo